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When the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge started our work in 2015, we realized that if we wanted to reach the goal of cutting the global burden of depression, we needed to take action to develop a new way to effectively reach and treat more people. This was the impetus for the development of the STAND system of care.

The STAND system of care is an all-in-one, end-to-end system, which includes screening, treatment and ongoing monitoring of mood and symptoms. Leveraging an online screening tool, participants are screened for symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicidality, triaged to the level of care matching their needsParticipants begin care in the recommended tier and are routinely screened with just-in-time calibration of their treatment level as their needs change. To learn more about the STAND program, review the STAND fact sheet.

STAND is currently implemented in both research and service capacities, in a variety of formats and communities. The Depression Grand Challenge is committed to increasing the modularity of the program so it may be customized and scaled for any type of setting, especially for marginalized and vulnerable communities that are more often underserved by current systems. A selection of STAND implementations is provided below.

STAND at ELAC Research Program

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With funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, we are researching the implementation of STAND in a specific community college setting: East Los Angeles College (ELAC). STAND elements currently studied include: level of care assignment, peer coaching effectiveness, suicide risk management and recruitment barriers. We expect to continue research projects at ELAC through Spring 2027, with the goal of applying new knowledge in other community college settings.

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Learn more about the NIMH funded ALACRITY Center, through which we are operating these research projects


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The Stress and Resilience (STAR) Program, an adaptation of the STAND System of Care specifically for UCLA students, is designed to match UCLA students with evidence-based mental health resources, adding to the continuum of CAPS mental health resources. STAR is a collaboration between various campus partners: the Depression Grand Challenge, Counseling and Psychological Services, Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center, RISE Center and the David Geffen School of Medicine Behavioral Health Center.

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STAND for All

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STAND for All is a free, self-guided, online digital program offered with remote coaching support. This program relies on the digital content that serves as the backbone for comprehensive STAND implementations (STAND Content Library) and, in contrast, participants are empowered to select what skills and strategies they want to learn to address common issues including low mood, worry, poor sleep, panic and discomfort with others. This program is appropriate for individuals seeking to build resiliency, reduce anxiety or address mild to moderate depression.

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Learn more about the STAND Content Library


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STAND Tips are a resource inspired by the COVID-19 Care Package, which we have since decommissioned, a collection of easy to access tips and strategies for dealing with common issues.

Check out STAND Tips