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This STAND Tips resource is a successor to the COVID-19 Care Package which we created during the pandemic. The Care Package was made possible due to the generosity of Beyonce's BeyGOOD and Jack Dorsey's Start Small fund. We thank these organizations for their support and continue to offer general mental health tips through STAND Tips.

How to use this resource

For maximum flexibility, we offer two ways to access the tips: (1) grouped by issue you seek to address (e.g., worry less) and (2) by individual tip (e.g., create a news diet). If you are interested in a more structured program with five lessons per topic and the option for coaching support, consider signing up for STAND for All.

Please be advised that services are not health services or clinical care; this means the program is not appropriate for individuals experiencing acute symptoms, who are currently in treatment or requiring treatment.

Select the lessons that appeal to you

  Worry Find balance Create order Trauma & grief Fear & anxiety Mind & body Return to work or campus
Add more structure to your everyday             X​​​                                X
Create a balanced news diet     X​​​                  X  
Drink & eat in moderation                  X  
Get in touch with your values             X​​​                              X
Get present     X​​​                    X    
Maintain a routine               X​​​               X                     X
Manage anxiety & stress with the '5 Cs'     X​​​              
Manage worry over an unsolvable problem   X​​​                   X​​​                            X
Overcome boredom & restlessness                   X  
Practice balanced thinking                     X​​​              X                        X
Practice self-compassion             X​​​                  X​​​        
Practice slower breathing                  X          X  
Reach out for help               X​​​                 X​​​                           X
Understand the body's response to fear & anxiety                    X    
Use the problem-solving framework     X​​​               X​​​                              X
When to get professional help                     X​​​